Storms and Global Warming

Ever wonder where storms come from and cosmic dust that show up on this earth and people never know it … ? Why is the Earth warming and by who’s standards or scientific genius opinion? This is a phenomena that is linked with the amount of energy and powered items that man has made that is gathering heat and making our oceans swell and icebergs melt! Yes this is all because of the Left Democratic influence of money making schemes on Wall street and conglomerates .. rich people like the Clintons and others who has us in this mess! Do people even care … do they even know ? Well in 200 years it may not even matter and if anything is left to complain about ! Like this article that no one cares about writing about issues that are boring!!!!!

Ever wonder why….?

You hear two or more radio announcers in the morning when your trying to enjoy your 1st cup of coffee or dodging that A-hole on the freeway trying to kill or run you off the road,- TALK,.. about some rediculous topic, that NO ONE gives a damn about.Or talks about subjects that children shouldn’t hear about, …or Exploits every sexual issue under the Sun!Like a Horses Penis and little inuendos about what women like to do to their man or have done to them etc.,etc,etc,!I myself and two thousand other signatures that I have gathered to get radio annoucers like this OFF

THE AIR—.. Are damn sick of hearing these things!Turn the Dial you say if you don’t like it!….Well, the trouble is that THIS DONKEY DUNG….CRAP, for lack of a better word! …Is on, not all ..but many radio stations!Why can’t we have clean topics, clean intelligent issues being discussed– I am very much ” Down with the IN things of today” and I work in the entertainment field with many “Well known names in the Biz”, played in Rock and Roll bands, all over the U.S.A and far from being a “Prude”!Radio personalities,and sports people who sound like freaks speaking “Baby talk” and “Old Sports Announcer copy cats” with …”Goo Goo Ga Ga!”Hoo di who, Hoo di who ga ga gooey”Ma Ma Da Da”! Or…”Treeeemenddous Myyy Friends” What a stupid Line!Who was the genius who wrote this brilliant piece of Art! The only thing that I and other people in this State agree about,.. is when you had “Celebs” on and you two clowns were interviewing them –like..

Peter Falk,Chuck Heston,John Travalta etc. AND THE LUCKY BUTT…AND

GOING TO ELVIS’S GRACELAND MANSION,..oh! can’t forget about the


THOSE GOOD SPOTS!?? Why are you trying to compete with the other stations

and their “GARBAGE MOUTHS”? Is it for ratings?Well…you don’t need to

compete for ratings like that—-just be your old selves! Or please go away quietly,

and let us remember you ..”THE WAY YOU WERE”!


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